Typical Temperament of the Ragdoll Cat

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Rosetta Bailey, owner of Bailey’s Ragdolls, breeds ragdoll cats in her registered cattery near Atlanta, Georgia. Rosetta Bailey raises her cats in her own home and understands the breed in depth.

A beautiful and graceful animal, the ragdoll cat is perhaps best known for its gentle temperament. The breed’s name comes from its tendency to go limp when it feels particularly trusting or relaxed, which often happens when in the arms of or even the company of its owner. They are by nature a trusting animal and often show no fear in the presence of strange humans or other cats, a quality which makes the ragdoll cat a charming companion. It can, however, make them dangerously friendly and best suited to a strictly indoor lifestyle.

Ragdoll cats also tend to be highly sociable. They often follow their owners around the house and frequently enjoy lying next to their human companions or at their feet. Often described as doglike in personality, they typically pay close attention to their owners and can be highly trainable, particularly when acquired as kittens. Athletic as well, they are dynamic animals that enjoy play time and entertain their owners with their curiosity about the world.


Rosetta Bailey: Why Volunteer at an Animal Shelter?

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Animal lover and cat breeder Rosetta Bailey owns Bailey’s Ragdolls in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Her Ragdoll cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).

Animal shelters provide pets to many good homes; however, many do not often think about the numerous dogs and cats living there. Often struggling to stay open, shelters seek to improve the lives of animals dropped off on a daily basis. Caring for new arrivals until they find a home requires many tasks. The act of volunteering benefits not only the animal shelter but also the individual who volunteers. Here follows a list of perks for those who donate their time.

Make some furry friends. Animals are grateful for human comfort and provide us with a warm feeling in return.

Spend time with like-minded people. Volunteers may also form new human friendships while working side-by-side with others for a good cause.

Gain valuable experience. Volunteering provides a variety of skills, which are often applicable to other areas of life.

Lower stress. Spending time with animals often reduces stress levels in humans. In addition, volunteering boosts positive energy and proves a productive way to spend free time.

Features and History of the Ragdoll Cat, By Rosetta Bailey

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As the name of the breed implies, ragdoll cats are particularly cuddly and tend to go limp when held, mimicking a ragdoll. Through the years, the breed has become known for its amiability, tendency to follow owners around, and playfulness. For those reasons, breeders and owners often refer to ragdoll cats as a dog-like breed.

Despite its popularity, the breed is a relatively contemporary creation, with its roots going back to only the early 1960s. In that year, Ann Baker is said to have bred the first ragdoll from the Persian breed and breeds similar to Birman and Burmese. She then actively promoted her new cats across the nation. A few years later, breeders succeeded in developing a ragdoll standard recognized as an official breed. By 1971, there were two ragdoll associations, the Ragdoll Fanciers Club International and the International Ragdoll Cat Association. Today, hundreds of registered ragdoll breeders around the world work to ensure their cats remain true to their origins and provide the type of companionship that only a ragdoll cat can.

Rosetta Bailey is a ragdoll cat breeder licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. She has a number of ragdoll cats and kittens available on her website, BaileysRagdolls.net.

Rosetta Bailey Advises Cat Lovers About HCM

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Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a feline disease that causes serious health problems because of the thickening of the heart muscle. While the condition often is caused by other disorders such as hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure, certain cats are genetically predisposed to it.

It has been determined that there are two deadly mutations that affect Ragdoll cats. They can be heterozygous (carrying one mutation) or homozygous (carrying two mutations). If you are a pet owner or a breeder who is considering acquiring a Ragdoll, ask to see proof that the parents of your kitten are RD and MC mutation-free. Even if only one parent has the mutation, the kitten must be tested to determine if it is negative or a carrier. The HCM DNA test is the only way to determine this.

The owner of Bailey’s Ragdolls cattery, Rosetta Bailey offers a guarantee against congenital and hereditary feline problems. All animals are screened by veterinarians and must be declared healthy before release.

Rosetta Bailey Answers Questions About Ragdoll Cats

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Is this an indoor or an outdoor cat?

This breed has been developed as an inside cat. While they enjoy outdoor play, they tend to be docile and trusting, which can make them targets for other animals.

Can this cat be trained like a dog?

Many owners contact us to tell stories about how they’ve taught their kittens to fetch, ask for a treat, or even walk on a leash. These cats are intelligent and love to please their owners. Some people report that their pets even allow their children to dress them up in doll clothes.

Do all cats of this breed go limp when you pick them up?

Every kitten has an individual personality, but in general these are calm, docile animals. Being very social and relaxed, they may seem to go limp but that may just be their disposition combined with the fact that they love to be petted and held.

The proprietor of Bailey’s Ragdolls, Rosetta Bailey is a professional cat breeder based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Contact her at 404-904-0706 or baileysrags@gmail.com.

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